• 01/12/2019
    French premiere of "NOOSE". December 7th in Marseille at Le Marche Noir des Petites Utopies Festival.
  • 20/10/2019
    "Clowns' Houses" in Sardinia, Italy. 26 October at Teatro Massimo of Cagliari.
  • 16/10/2019
    "Clowns' Houses" back in Nurnberg, Germany. 19 October at Salz+Pfeffer Theater
  • 15/10/2019
    Merlin Puppet Theater's  new performance "NOOSE" awarded in the premiere with the price for  Best Animation Performance "Exressing Life with a Puppet". The premiere took place at Theater Institute of Warsaw, Poland, at Puppet is a Human Too Festival".
  • 05/09/2019
    Is official. Merlin Puppet Theatre's new show "NOOSE" has international premiere at Puppet is a Human Too International Festival. 7 & 8 October 2019 in Warsaw, Poland.