“Merlin” have been developing and following a personal artistic vision, by exploring and experiencing puppetry from different angles and dimensions.

For ”Merlin”, directing a puppet is a powerful mean of expression as it can perform under extreme, impossible or unreal conditions or even play roles and be in situations that  a human performer (actor) would never be able to.

They believe that during the creation of a performance it’s important to follow the traditional principles of puppetry which require the puppeteer to be involved in all stages of the production; from the conceptualization, design and development of the characters and props, to the sound and lighting until the final stage of the animation of the puppet.

Believing that money should not be a prerequisite in artistic expression or the leverage that gives the artist the freedom to create, “Merlin” use used material or waste which transform and revive through their stories.

Depending on the needs of the show, ”Merlin” use a number of puppetry techniques, such as table top puppets, marionettes, rod puppets, shadow theatre. Believing that the art of puppetry should not be treated as one-dimensional, the group is constantly experimenting and working with artists from other forms of art to enrich their knowledge, and feed their creativity, ideas and imagination.

Apart from their own need for ongoing research and learning, their aim is to educate the public about the art of puppetry through workshops as well as exchanging knowledge and ideas by traveling and interacting with artists from around the world with different cultural backgrounds.